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Ellie Goulding and Clean Bandit @ Ibiza Rocks, 21/8/2013

August 23, 2013

IMG_0149 smThis week at Ibiza Rocks it was the turn of English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ellie Goulding to take to the stage. And coincidentally, Ellie was riding high in the Official UK Charts with her single ‘Burn’ at Number 1.

Supporting Ellie were London band Clean Bandit, described as an “electronic/hip-hop collective built around a string quartet”. Well that sounded intriguing and had to be worth checking out.

The four core members of Clean Bandit made their entrance onto the stage at 9.20pm: a cellist, violinist, keyboard player and drummer, and were quickly joined by two female singers. Their music was dancey with plenty of synth riffs, interlaced with string breaks and overlaid with hip-hop/soul vocals. It worked! And when they weren’t playing, the string players were dancing along. What particularly hit you though, was that they all looked like they were really enjoying themselves onstage. Consequently they went down really well with the large crowd that had gathered in front of the stage, and I thought that they were a great accompaniment to what was to come. The violinist paused on his way off the stage to take a picture of the crowd for posterity.



IMG_0163 sm

IMG_0154 sm

IMG_0174 sm

IMG_0181 sm

Ellie entered the stage to huge applause from the packed crowd and launched into ‘Don’t Say a Word’ as she switched between thrashing the drums placed for her at the front of the stage and dancing across the stage to work the crowd. With a full backing band, this is pretty much how she performed most of the gig apart from when they slowed down the pace for a couple of tracks and her cover of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’, which she sang with just a keyboard accompaniment. Everyone’s phones came out to record the moment, arms were waved in the air in time to the music, and everyone sang along to the chorus.

Ellie’s voice is powerful and strong live, and she and her band put on a great, energetic performance. When she left the stage at the end of the set, the crowd started chanting “Ellie” very loudly. She returned for an encore to sing her number one single ‘Burn’ and her song with Calvin Harris ‘I Need Your Love’ and left the crowd feeling very happy.



IMG_0200 sm

IMG_0189 sm

IMG_0202 sm

IMG_0224 sm

IMG_0222 sm

IMG_0235 sm

IMG_0232 sm

IMG_0245 sm

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